Monday, July 4, 2011

I don't celebrate nothing with Jew in it.

I only left the house to do laundry and buy the new season of Squidbillies. That left me plenty of time to mix and edit the new episode of Laser Brain.


As you can tell from the picture my laptop has seen better days. We will be working on a kickstarter campaign to get the show (and me) a new one.

I have been doing some reading on what I could do to maybe brighten my mood and I've come across a few things. I will definitely be hitting the gym a little harder than I have been. I'm going to stop eatting fast food. I'm going to start saving money. To track my progress I'm going to try to post a picture a day. Maybe I will start seeing results sooner if I know I have to post and own what's going on with me everyday.


Sweet Cave In shirt I got when I saw them at Krazy Fest. Sweet beard I am in no rush to cut. Sweet balding. Sweet three day stache.

I;m going to sit in the tub now and work on finishing The Strain bu Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan. The sooner I finish this one the sooner I can get started on Men, Women, and Children by Chuck Kultgen. If you haven't read The Average American Male or The Lie, you're fucking up real bad.

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