Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yesterday Could Have Been A Mine . . ..

Because it was full of gems.

Here's a few of the insane things that were said at work yesterday.

Me to Brad - "Can we just agree that anything past a snakes eye's is pretty much it's tail."

Steven to some Ugly Girl with a big dumb furry purse - "How long did you have to track that couch before you shot it?"

Steven's question about Andy's baggy, stained, stinky, 3/4 sleeve, sweater/baseball shirt - "How big of a fight did Jack Sparrow put up for that shirt?"

Brad's impression of Arnold doing his presidential speech should the Constitution be amended to the point to where we are now electing action stars who are also bad at being husbands and fathers into office - "One nation under Crom, indivisible, like the Predator, because you can't see him because he in indivisible."

Some dumb Hispter kid - "I only flame up swag when I've got brew." (Just say, "I only smoke when I drink." you Elliot Smith loving fuck.)