Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some A's to your Q's

Sucking your own dick is NOT gay. Ever.

When does sucking a dick cross into the gay territory? When it's not your own.

Does jerking off to the image of yourself make you gay? No, just super confident. Not narcissistic. Confident. Why? Jerking off to yourself is the highest form of flattery. Why do you jerk off to your favorite porn starlet? Because she is super hot. If you see yourself as super hot than shake the monkey one time in front of a mirror. I can see this only boosting your confidence between the sheets in the instance a lady women is kind enough to drop by to let you drop it in. If you can get off to seeing you, than there is no reason she can't get off to seeing you be in her.

Short post this week. Long week. Finals are dumb.

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